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Are You Ready For The

Sound & Soul Immersion?

A magical live event by Robin Pollak with Special Guest Shaunay Cotton

7:30 pm EST on 3/29/21 via Zoom

Music creates a shift in the motion I can speak to you without words and the soul recognizes the unspoken word.

This Sound & Soul Immersion will allow you to experience...

Wind in her Hair

Heightened Awareness

Upgrade your ability to receive information from your guides

Starry Sky



Increase your vibrations and learn how to channel

Meditating in Mountains



Meditate with the sounds of tapped in energy

Let's make soul music together.

Soul Sounds will cultivate a symbiotic harmony for you to be in flow and allows you to put your thinking mind in a resting state similar to guided meditation.

This class creates an atmosphere of tremors for you to receive in mind and body.

Are you willing to receive information that will catapult your connection and awareness outside of this dimension?

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