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Soul Plan


Reconnect To Your Purpose


Are you curious about your soul plan blueprint?


This reading is perfect for people who would like to know more about their personal souls' destiny.

So you can hold it in your heart and let what needs to be seen disclosed, what needs to be released let go.

My 1:1 coaching programs provide this very spiritual reading as a bonus. Which allows you to begin your coaching journey with insight.

Most of all how to embrace it all so you can live the destiny meant for only you!

Soul Plan Blueprint

*Full Soul Plan Includes One 90 Minute Soul's Destiny Session

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Not sure what a Soul Plan is? Click below to request a demo recording.


Meet Your Coach

Robin S. Pollak

Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

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For over 35 years Robin has been using her intuition with children and parents as a Speech Language Pathologist. Now she continue to use that wisdom when she works with people on an intuitive level.

Robin's mission is to help empower people to live their most authentic and prosperous lives.

I love the idea of creating a space and opportunity so everyone can have access to live their best life. I think so many of us move forward day to day and then we forget what our driving passion is, or perhaps we never knew.


I believe everyone has a purpose and should be able to discover their passions and gifts to make their life the best it can be.

I look forward to  helping you discover and live your dreams.

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The Health Coach Institue is the only Health and Life Coaching Program accredited by an international organization, the ICF. 

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