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It's easy to blame yourself

It seems to me that when things go wrong it is easy to blame yourself. When you are a Mom you don’t have to worry the blame comes at you from every angle. Sometimes I feel like I need to wear tephlon so I don’t get knocked over.

The  truth is our families are use to Mom getting it right so when they feel we don’t, we hear about it.

The problem is ….

How do you deal with all these expectations? Sometimes I crumble I must admit and announce defeat. It is sort empowering to just let everyone fend for themselves and figure it all out. I have realized I created these monsters and in some way I love to take care of everyone.  Now, I am going to try to add myself to this list and let everyone know that they need to take care of themselves too. Sounds simple right? WRONG!!!

The truth is families have a routine and changing the expectation everyone has including yourself is tricky. So I say take baby steps.  It is a process and although there will be set backs setting expectations and asking for help when you need it is part of living together.

I think it is good for kids to know you depend on them it gives them a sense of being part of a ”family”. In this time heading towards the holiday season try to take some steps to make life at home more stress free. Kids at any age can have something to do and feel like they are contributing too!

In regards to the complaints, I am not sure how to reduce those yet I will keep you posted.


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