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The more things change, the more they stay the same

It seems that every so often I am in rutt. I feel like everything is a routine and one day goes into the next. I try to push through these moods then I take a moment and realize the children I working with are in need of fun.

I have a theory laughter creates a memory and when you pair it in a learning environment you wind up with children who are laughing and eager to participate and learning well it is part of the activity.

I know it sounds so simple but adding fun which always involves (some creative craft for me ) adds to the productive speech therapy sessions I provide.

Providing an environment where fun is the main goal creates an unbelievable bond between me and the children I am working with. It also allows me to let the fun be the main ingredient in this activity.

What always happens is that this activity becomes educational and memorable.

As much as Fun is important for the child it is essential for me and keeps therapy new and fresh.

So when therapy seems to be moving at a snails pace or you need a pick me up I say add some fun. Make them laugh the results will astound you!


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