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Winding Down

Why is “Winding Down ” a four letter word? I think about slowing down and breathing and when ever I do I feel guilty. If I would really listen to my body I would realize that about every 12 weeks I need a break. Is that bad? I thought about it and decided “No” it is not.

I know I need time to not think and not work so I can be the person I like. I think we all feel the need to do less and more of everything we dream about. I am suggesting to take time to do less and dream.

I think by scheduling in less will in the end give us all more.

I wonder if it is simply because everything feels so fast paced. It always feels like we are forever running.

So, I am suggesting to stop running. Start breathing and enjoying a little more. Give your self the gift of time. That is the one thing we can never get back and it is the one thing that allows you to connect with yourself, your family your life.

It is a delicious idea it may even be better than chocolate.


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