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Flush Away


A restart for women in their 40s-60s who feel stuck thinking about what they didn't do and are constantly comparing themselves and who want to take a chance on themselves instead so that they can experience success here and now. 


This is for you if you currently feel...

  • Stuck in a past story about who you used to be

  • Afraid of seeing yourself as successful because of how that might rock the boat

  • Don't even know where to start with changing things

  • Weary of trusting yourself


And you want to instead...

  • Make decisions with confidence

  • Celebrate who you are

  • See yourself as capable

  • Have compassion for yourself and others through the ups and downs


So that you can...

  • Trust and implement your ideas

  • Have better communication in all of your relationships

  • Come from a place of fulfillment because you know your value and worth

Join Robin For A Free Workshop

Monday March 22, 2021 

7:30pm EST

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