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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

Ever since I can remember I have loved to talk to people. I love learning their stories and what they are passionate about. I become fascinated while listening to them share their experiences; they share pieces of who they are and what excites them.


Along with my natural tendency to be around people, I am a spiritually intuitive empath and have the ability to use my gifts to more clearly understand my clients.

About Me: Inner_about

I was born in the Bronx and have lived in NYC my whole life. I love knowing I can go to show whenever  I want. There is one place that puts everything in perspective for me no matter the season; the beach. I can always find my center there and press reset.

I met  husband in college and we definitely grew up together and had 2 children and, 2 cats and 4 dogs and a handful of fish over the past 34 years.


You can find us catching  a movie, at the Long Island vineyards and finding a new restaurant to try. I love to explore in the city or Brooklyn.

I took my natural ability to have a conversation to the next level. I felt so strongly that “no voice is too small to be heard." I became a Speech Language Pathologist and this profession really defined me.


Working with children is amazing because it allows me to be there for them at the start when they begin to take on what excites them. Their humor and goofiness make me smile and appreciate the silly things I forget to appreciate-- like how squishy play-doh is.


There is no way to really describe the immense pride I have for these children as they come week after week to work with me. When they start speaking it is very gratifying.


I enjoy getting to know the parents and being there to support them as they go through this process. Providing an ear to listen when they become frustrated and also a source of information and emotional support.


For that reason, I felt compelled to become a Life Coach.


I wanted to be able to continue to work with people which I love to do. I enjoy finding out what their passions are and what they dream they could be.


I love the idea of creating a space and opportunity so everyone can have access to live their best life.


I think so many of us move forward day to day and then we forget what our driving passion is, or perhaps we never knew.


I believe everyone has a purpose and should be able to discover their passions and gifts to make their life the best it can be.

I look forward to  helping you discover and live your dreams

Robin S. Pollak

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The Health Coach Institue is the only Health and Life Coaching Program

accredited by an international organization, the ICF. 

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